Art, Food, and Life Advice

I finished up “Smoke”, a piece that I’d been delaying for ages. I had made this lovely under-painting, and the thought of messing up the bench had me tied up like a nervous wreck. But, with the help of a kick in the pants by my friend Andrew, I powered though that sucker. He casually smoked some marijuana (legal here), while I squinted away with my tiny brushes at a space the size of my thumb. I ended up taking some sandpaper to the piece and it left some absolutely fascinating textures on the right.

Andrew and I are good friends. After some painting we went and made some disassembled “beef stew”. It was with maple glazed roasted carrots, pan fried potatoes, browned beef in a shallot blueberry gravy, and served with a side of blueberry ginger sweet reduction. I swear cooking is the art of taste. All too brief though. No great chefs can leave a legacy in a museum, except perhaps the candy makers.

Some random life advice: If you cannot create, turn off your phone. Turn off your computer. Write down your schedule for the day on paper, and put that baby somewhere you can see. And for the love of god, schedule half the day free of anything digital. Do your creating when you’re at the freshest, and not when you’re in your mid-day slump.

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