Art Battle!

This August 10th I’m a DUELING BATTLE ARTIST at Art Battle! At last! A use for all those fencing lessons I took as a teenager!

I kid of course. Paints, canvases, easels, and painting rags are provided. We’ll be painting on 18×24″ canvases with a large crowd of people around us. Last time I went to Art Battle, it was in June for their Provincial Finals, and all the artists were amazing. I was really impressed with their caliber of painting, and I can only hope is that all the artists I’m paired with coming up, are all total trash. But I kid. It’s great fun. There’s a DJ, a master of ceremonies, drinking, and well over a hundred people in attendance. I’ll likely have to practice a bit before the big day, but I have a few ideas in mind. Wish me luck!

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