Emes 11×3.5×3.5 2018(2)

Kinda a pretty serious story attached to this piece, just a warning. So back in 2013 I was having pretty much the worst year imaginable. I was in and out of hospitals, until one day I end up in the ICU, and then on a psych ward for a suicide attempt. I had this positively hilarious doctor with a warm smile and a quick doctor. He was a a bit of a breath of fresh air in the seriousness of a hospital

So, like, this sculpture is his fucking humor or joy or something. Interesting guy.

I had a nervous tick and a lot of origami paper, so I ended up making huge numbers of butterflies. The paper on these suckers is not acid free, so expect these fellows to discolor and wither a bit. It’s cool though. The pain that landed me in hospital has kind of faded, much like the paper will. Also, there’s a metaphor about walking down a road. Never mind. You guys are smart. You can figure out the visual metaphors and intentions for yourselves.

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