Got my website up and running – kinda

So about 9 months ago I bought and started hosting my website. I thought it was designed and up for the longest time, until I went and double checked. Shit. Did I just pay over $100 to host a blank page for 8 of those months? Yes. Yes I did. Turns out the website creator I used deleted itself after 1 month, so it’s what you get for not using wordpress or some other “idiot proof” website editor. When I found out I was having visions of learning HTML, and CSS, and Ruby on rails, and Lua, and well everything. I don’t have time for that nonsense anymore! I have to paint!

Anyways, it’s here now. Not sure I’m loving it, but it’s functional enough. I always fantasize about posting blogs about pieces while I create them, so I’ll finally be able to do that properly. Some considerations – dear readers – for the future. I will be sporadic with my posts, usually producing more in the spring and summer. I will be comical because life without a few laughs is hardly worth living. And finally, I will be vulgar. Not because I don’t care, but because I want my writing to be an accurate representation of who I am. And I swear. A lot.

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