Ongoing Collaberative Works

Early June I had the good fortune to work with Irish writer, and award winning poet Jacob Moylan, on a collaborative project. We spent two weeks in historic Victoria, BC Canada, and traveling up and down Vancouver Island.

Jacob Moylan

Jacob Moylan is an award winning writer based out of Kilkenny Ireland. He travels extensively to perform his pieces for audiences, including international engagements. He has over a dozen publications to his name and is regularly the featured poet at L'arche Cafe in Callan, and The International Bar in Dublin.


The Circle Sessions: Poetry Day Ireland 2018: Best written and best performed, 2018

The Circle Sessions: Tales Vs Tunes: First prize, 2017

Ledwidge Poetry Society: Awarded Certificate of Merit, 2007

Kilkenny Poetry Broadsheet: Shortlisted, 2017

Red Line Book Festival: Shortlisted, 2016

Writer Jacob Moylan

Writer Jacob Moylan

Smoke 16x20_ 2018

The Perfect Bench

Poem by Jacob Moylan
Smoke. Acrylic on Board, 20" x 16", 2018

I come from the land where we spit smog like words
Fags outside the house workplace and bar
Wherever you are
This is the sanctuary of wolves speaking silver
But after the plain changed
Fags became cigarettes
And are had away from every building and wall
Hidden from all

There is one bench which is the perfect distance

To section off the suicidals from the rest

Hidden from all who care
A bench where the cool people go to lie
And wolves go to die
So I sit down
Wanting to be better than fangs fur and silver wisps

Wanting this land to cleanse my lungs with a kiss
I think I should be better
I think I should quit

But it's a full moon tonight

I cut down to two a day
Better doesn't mean good

Ambre 4x6 pre2017


Poem by Jacob Moylan
Portrait. Jessica Stepushyn, Watercolor, 6" x 4", 2013

Amber wears a skirt atop a glass ceiling

Imagine what the girl on top of us all is feeling

A girl beneath and beyond any god worth believing

Amber either has a cocaine nose

Or she goes to rock shows that come to blows

Mosh pits with no shits given

She used to wipe away the blood from her nose

But it was too much effort to damage the motif

Amber’s shade of lipstick reeks of grief

A step below sorrow

Evolved from her mother’s colours she used to borrow

Her lips look like they name everything “Mine”

But I feel she begged for something

Once upon a time

She has a shade of emerald mourning in her eyes

Like the metal studs

And the drinking buds

Are things to despise

It's as if there’s a little girl behind her iris

Asking me to save her

But she herself knowns the taint of saints

When faced with misbehaviour

They all tried to pull her from the dark places she goes

And now they just want a bloody nose

The Stepping Stones

Watercolor, 4" x 6", 2018

The Stepping Stones. Watercolour, Size: 4 H x 6 W, 2018
Boats on th Water. Watercolor, 
Size: 4 H x 6 W, 2018


Poem by Jacob Moylan
Boats on the Water. Jessica Stepushyn, Watercolor, 4" x 6", 2018

The breeze glides unique to my face
Abstract airs pepper the skin differently
As if following orders from the foreign sun
Of a culture unknown
With customs obscure
People don't dress like they do back home
Birds dance in different dyes for their feathers
But eyes are always the same
As if the pupils pertain to preachings from the same parchment
Iris' all say the same thing
How odd
Both theirs and mine

Gates of Harmonious Interest

Watercolor, 4" x 6", 2018

Gates of Harmonious Interest. Watercolor, 
Size: 4 H x 6 W, 2018

Tide Going Out

Acrylic on Canvas Board, 8" x 10", 2018

Tide Going Out 10x8 2018