Our Approach


Certus, GVPL Saanich Centennial, Saanich 2018

Light Works, Little Fernwood Gallery, Victoria 2013

3, Little Fernwood Gallery, Victoria 2013

35th Annual Show for VCA, Victoria 2009

Verge, The Winchester Gallery Downtown, Victoria 2009


Kechera: Design Competition winner, 2012

Our Story


Victoria College of Art Graduate, Diploma of Fine Art, 2009

Residential intensive, Maxwell International School, 2003 & 2004


Pieces held in private collections in Ireland, Germany, and Canada-wide.


Artist Statement

I am an emerging Canadian artist who resides in Victoria British Columbia, and I work in a variety of mediums and styles. I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas, but I also regularly explore other fine arts for self development and inspiration. I am motivated to produce fine art from the love of visual journeys, and the quiet passion of creation. While in the past I have focused heavily on representational works, I am now developing works heavily influenced by color field and paint textures. Currently I am exploring the roles of expressive underpaintings, along with stark lines and edges.

Outside of visual arts I enjoy a number of hobbies. I started playing piano at 6, and still enjoy sitting down at the keyboard and challenging myself with hard pieces. This goes well with my singing, which I regularly performed in front of hundreds, and had the privilege of travelling for internationally. Earlier this year I started a casual flirtation with stand-up comedy, which really complimented my decades long love of writing poetry and fiction. I particularly enjoy writing works of sarcasm sprinkled with profanity, which you will notice if you read the descriptions of my art, though I generally stick to formal prose.

Don’t assume I’m just into the arts, because I’m fairly multifaceted. I find science and technology fascinating, and I’d rather read a textbook than a novel. I’ve worked extensively with the computers and gaming communities, including administering Canada’s second largest server for the second highest selling computer game in history. Overall I’m a fairly complex person who’s not limited to fine arts in the terms of talent or skill.