Tofino Installation Application

Shoal Among Knots

1:22 scale, Multimedia 2018

A thousand of my best sketches couldn't replicate the look of this piece the way I wanted to show it. My design was a tad subtle for sketches, so for the sake of clear communication I decided to make a diorama instead. These photos show how the piece is composed, using the same monochromatic style and transparencies. If exact placements of kelp, fish, or net is not to your liking, simple changes can be made.

Shoal Among Knots
20180912_110337 (3)

Examples of previous work

The following are examples of work that I feel represent my style, along with some small sculptures that contain similar themes as Shoal Among Knots. For example, "Young Ladies into the Woods" uses Vellum, the same material that will be used in the Shoal Among Knots.

Young Ladies into the Woods

Vellum and multimedia, 2016
Size: 9 H x 7 W x 2 in


Painting Acrylic on Canvas, 2018
Size: 16 H x 16 W x 1.5 in

I'd like to write a romantic description about how I was inspired by raindrops, or nature, or some other shit, but the reality is less interesting. I was anxious, as per usual, and I wanted to play with colours I liked. I was tired of pacing around my apartment feeling like I was on fire, so I sat down and made this. Turned out alright, so I didn't cut it into pieces. Now you get to look at it. Cool, eh? Of all my recent works, I like this one the best.

On Chesterman Beach

Painting Acrylic on Canvas Board, 2006
Size: 8 H x 10 W


Walk Through the Forest

Paper cut, 2018
Size: 11 H x 8.5 W

Walk Through the Forest 8.5x11 2018


Paper & wood, 2013
Size: 11 H x 3.5 W x 3.5 in

Sun Walkers

Painting Acrylic on Canvas, 2018
Size: 33.5 H x 33.5 W x 2 in

I have this love affair with raw canvas, and I don't think enough artists truly explore the intimacy and complexity of the surfaces they paint on. Artists buy white pre-primed canvas in the stores if they want to paint. I buy and build my own canvases because I want to know every inch of that painting like the body of a naked lover. I mean that literally. There is something intensely pleasing to run your fingers over a freshly stretched canvas, and hit it like a drum for the first time. Why cover that beauty up?